Gorgeous thresholds throughout the entire commercial space.

Door thresholds are a must-have in any space, and we believe this element should be sturdy and beautiful just like your countertops. Opting for a threshold in marble, stone, or other natural materials adds an elegant touch. It’s also a nice upgrade for an apartment project, an office, or any commercial space.

Ellis Page Company offers thresholds in various materials that will hold up to decades of use. High-quality materials like stone or marble are scratch and stain resistant. We cut each threshold perfectly to size so they fit with no gaps or bulges.

Our thresholds provide an upscale look in any doorway. We can install thresholds on exterior doors and interior doorways to provide a cohesive look throughout a commercial property.



Custom thresholds made of the strongest natural material will last for decades.


Thresholds made of marble, stone, or any natural material add an upscale look to the entire space.


Custom thresholds prevent tripping and offer a smooth surface between doorways.


We can create thresholds for any space, from exterior doors to interior doorways.

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